Christ Church Eaton

How To Find Us

Christ Church, Church Avenue, Norwich, NR2 2AQ

Parking is possible on Church Avenue; please respect our neighbours and do not park on the grass verges nor move stones (which are to protect the verges) and please do not block people's drives or the road. Please ask larger vehicles, like buses, to drop passengers off and then park elsewhere, e.g. on Christchurch Road, with engines off. When they pick up, they should arrive just as the party are ready to leave and not park with engines idling or block the drives or roads round the church. Christchurch Road has parking restrictions 8am-630pm Monday-Saturday, but it is possible to park in some spaces for two hours while restrictions apply and it is possible to park on nearby roads.

The Parishes' Office, Church Lane, Eaton, Norwich, NR4 6NW

The office is based in the Church Hall of St Andrew's Eaton. (Opening times). Parking is available around the Church Hall.

The Parish Boundary

Please use this link for a map of the parish. Click on the "Content" button (to the right of the Information button) then untick "Parishes" and tick "Benefices". For a street version, please click on Basemap and select "Streets". If you zoom in and click on where you live a pop-up box will tell you which parish you are in.

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