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We are delighted to welcome you for either a traditional wedding service, a service of thanksgiving and blessing if you are getting or have got married elsewhere or a thanksgiving service on a particular anniversary.

Initially please contact the vicar, Patrick (01603 250844 or Email) and he will arrange to meet you to discuss your plans and, if you are wishing to get married at Christ Church, to help you to fill in the Banns of Marriage form.

On this page you will find lots of information about getting married at Christ Church. If you have any other questions about weddings, please just ask!

Can we get married at Christ Church?

You can normally get married in Christ Church if you can show that one of you 

  • has at any time lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months, or
  • was baptised (christened) in the parish, or
  • is confirmed and your confirmation was entered in our register of confirmations or
  • has at any time regularly gone to normal church services in our church for a period of at least 6 months

or that one of your parents, at any time after you were born:

  • has lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months, or
  • has regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6 months

or that one of your parents or grandparents:

  • was married in the parish.

(Please use this link for a map of the parish. Click on the "Content" button  (to the right of the Information button) then untick "Parishes" and tick "Benefices". For a street version, please click on Basemap and select "Streets". If you zoom in and click on where you live a pop-up box will tell you which parish you are in.)

If you don’t have any connections to the parish at present you can come regularly for six months (one of you at least once a month) and then you will qualify by being a member of the congregation. More Information

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One of us has been divorced. Can we still get married at Christ Church?

Jesus taught that God's ideal is for life-long marriage, but the Church of England recognises that, sadly, some marriages do break down irretrievably and offers marriage in church after divorce, within certain guidelines. Patrick is willing to conduct weddings allowed by the guidelines. Please click here for an information form and contact Patrick to discuss this further.

Is the date we would like available?

Booked weddings should be visible on the Event Diary but please check with Patrick. We normally allow at least 30 minutes before a wedding, 45 minutes for the wedding and 45 minutes after that, so it is often possible to host more than one wedding on a day. 

We are getting married in another church

If you are getting married at another church and live in the Christ Church parish you will need to have your banns read at Christ Church. Please ring the Parishes Office on 01603 473646 or E-mail to arrange this. 

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How much will a wedding in Christ Church cost?

Please click here to see a breakdown of the costs in 2024. You can discuss optional costs and financial matters with Patrick the Vicar (01603 250644, Email). If you are struggling to afford a church wedding, or finding yourself in financial difficulties, please discuss this with Patrick.

Other information

Prior to the wedding, we offer a marriage preparation day of fun and discussion, and a rehearsal a day or so before the Big Day.

Christ Church is licensed for weddings so there is no need to contact the register office if you are marrying by banns. Foreign nationals need a superintendent registrar's certificate but Patrick will help you with this.

You may also wish to look at the Church of England website for general information about weddings. 

If you wish to arrange a wedding at Christ Church, leaflets containing all the information you will need are available by clicking on the following links: 

Help with the planning and arranging of your wedding

Help with your order of service and your rehearsal

An example of an Order of Service for a wedding

Download of the example Order of Service for editing

Help in choosing music for your wedding 

Help in choosing Wedding Hymns

Information on Wedding Fees for 2024



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