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Textile Quilt - front

This is the front of the completed textile quilt. Please click on the image to see an enlarged version

Front of Textile CoronaQuilt of Kindness


The image below shows all the squares of the quilt. Hover your mouse over a square (or tapping one on mobile devices) for information about it.

  Image of a dove in stained glass window Drawing of lockdown activities: Facetime, cycling, reading, gaming and a cat 9 patchwork squares of flowers, leaves and berries Embroidered words saying: Dear Lord, Help us make the New Normal kinder fairer calmer gentler joyous Amen Image of 3 concentric patchwork squares - large floral print in middle, plain cream, then small floral print Image of person doing a jigsaw Image, created in embroidery, of a sun, dove and a rainbow  
   Mallard Material with children's hospital images People with umbrellas Collage of girl and a bird Natural wooden cross Collage of 3 fishes Patchwork square with floral material   
   Embroidered picture of a water mill and swans. Words Here is to Good Hope embroidered above NHS in a heart, rainbows 3 floral crosses Child's drawing of a church Patchwork square - material has images of cottons and buttons Embroidered words in a spiral: Basking with awe and wonder in God's amazing creation 2020 Photo of 3 sock monkeys sat together   
   Collage of a girl skipping Christ Church Youth Group Film club Images from Christ Church Zoom Morning service Red admiral butterfly Embroidery of people joining hands in heart shape Poem: The Weaver by Grant Colfax Tullar Embroidery of bee, flower and a saying   
   Romans 8 verse 28 in calligraphy Two figures crossing a rainbow highway, hand-in-hand Collage of knitted hearts and material facemasks. NHS embroidered at the top Eaton Parishes' Quilt of Kindness, Lockdown, 2020 Collage of a cat Image of a Hug emoji Embroidery - Love, Peace, Joy   
   Flowers Icon of Mary Embroidery of a smiling sun Colage/embroidery of flowers Embroidery of Bisto Kids Embroidery of Jeremiah 31vs25 on image of the sea Piece of embroidery with words from Revelation 21 vs 1-7   
   Red flowers Child's drawing of football, bicycle, computer, TV Patchwork square in reds and orange Words of John Wesley's Rule Patchwork square with image of cats Embroidery of leaves and words: stitching back into lockdown, Autumn 2020 Image of a rainbow and words Be Happy!   
   Polar bear Stitched outline of a heart Embroidery of river, plants and months of the year Material with children's hospital images Embroidery saying: In the boring time of lockdown wear a smile and not a frown Drawing of a cat and words Be Happy Embroidery of a fully lit Advent wreath   




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