Prayer Suggestions

Prayer suggestions:

Our keyworkers

Those who have lost their jobs or are worried about their job security

Our clergy: Patrick, Shawn and Colin, and their families

Peace especially in countries where issues relating to coronavirus have caused further unrest

Those living in: Mount Pleasant, Muriel Road and Newmarket Road

Those who have asked for our prayers: Vandra Ahlstrom, Bridget Archer, Marie Archer, David Boland and his family, Fiona Breckenridge, Eric and Mary Burdette, Margaret Cooper, Vera Croghan, Roger Haigh, Jane Hattrick, Brian Hewison, Emily Howes, Jay, Julie (not Bolt), Richard Middleton, Anne Millett, Richard Millett, Tony Millett, Michael Price, Kaye Quinn, Joan Smith, Jonathan Spelman, Betty Trendell and Sue Trott

The families and friends of the late Bill Barrow, Marie Randall, Thomas Vaughan (Ruth's father-in-law) and Kevin Wilkinson, and of all those who have died recently in these difficult times


Thy Kingdon Come

Between Ascension Day and Pentecost, we are encouraged to pray for 5 individuals so that they would know God's love for them in Christ. More information

The following are suggestions that may be found along with other prayer ideas here

Ascension Day Jesus
Pray for your 5 friends to encounter Jesus in all his grace, challenge and love, that they might say with St Paul, ‘For me, to live is Christ’.

Friday after Ascension Praise
Pray for your 5 to be woken up to all that they have already received from God in their lives, and all that he offers them in Christ, that they might praise him.

Saturday after Ascension Thanks
Pray for your 5 to recognise the goodness of God in their lives, that they would turn to God in gratitude and trust.

Sunday after Ascension Sorry
Pray for your 5 to be led by the Holy Spirit to understand the cost of God’s love for them in Christ, that this great sacrifice would lead them to repentance.

Monday Offer
Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring an understanding of life in all its fullness that will be theirs as your 5 put everything they have at the disposal of God.

Tuesday Pray for
Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of your 5 now, as you pray for specific things that you know they face.

Wednesday Help
Pray for your 5 that they would know that they never have to face anything alone, but that in their need they would call on God for help.

Thursday Adore
For the eyes of your 5 to be opened to all that Jesus offers them and that they would turn their faces to him and enjoy the warmth of his love.

Friday Celebrate
Pray for yourself and those others the Lord sends to help show your 5 their route home to God, that they would know the loving father running to greet them.

Saturday Silence
Pray for the Holy Spirit to put on your heart the desires of heaven for your 5.

The Day of Pentecost Thy Kingdom Come
Pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’ for your 5 friends, that they may joyfully enter the Kingdom of God and find themselves used by God to pray and act ‘Thy Kingdom Come'.

Further resources, each with reflections and prayers:

Prayer for our CMS Mission Partners 

We pray for Jeff Sikabwe and his work with the CMS-Africa training programme. WE ask for new volunteers to join the CMS-Africa team in DR Congo and for unity among leaders in the Anglican Diocese of Brazzaville.

Letter from the Seeds in South Africa May 2020

Video from The Seeds May 2020


Charity of the Month for May - Church Army

We pray for the work of the Church Army throughout the United Kingdom, especially through their Centres of Mission. We pray for Kinder and Gina Kalsi who started the Attercliffe and Darnall Centre of Mission in March 2020 as they start to build connections in a new area with all the lockdown restrictions in place.

Please see the Church Army Prayer Diary for futher prayer suggestions and the May magazine (pg 26) for details of how to donate. 


Christ Church Daily Prayer diary - day-by-day suggestions based on a diary produced by Colin Way



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